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All Heart Eyes for Zoës

I'm happy to announce that I get to work with Zoës Kitchen to share with y’all their news! 🎉🥤I love Zoes (seriously am obsessed, never had an item on their menu I didn’t love!) if you know Zoes Kitchen then YOU KNOW! And if you don’t... go find out because you’re missin' OUT on that Mediterranean HEA 👏🏼 VEN 👏🏼 ! Whether you get the kabobs, chicken salad, chocolate cake, you just can't go wrong!

They just released these super awesome designs of their reusable ZK cup FREE with a $15 purchase and stay hydrated this summer with $.99 refills! 🤑🤑🤑 Mention ZK FREE CUP in-store only, now till 8/14 while supplies last!

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