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My Top 5 Places to Shop for Plus Size and Size Inclusive Swimsuits Online

It can be such a hassle trying to find a swimsuit, and even more so when brands just don't *get* curvy bodies.

That's why I wanted to cut out any work you might spend on the internet swimsuit shopping and get you straight to my top 5 places to shop for plus size and size inclusive swimwear online with this blog post.

It honestly wasn't too difficult coming up with these 5, because they are genuinely the sites I, without a second thought, go to when a friend or follower asks where to get a specific suit, or even when I'm shopping for myself! I could expand this list but I want to make sure "top" really does mean the 5 sites I visit on a regular basis when I'm shopping for myself and I'd recommend it to you! So here we go, let's go have some fun in the sun with these 5 fabulous sites to shop for curvy swimwear:

Swimsuits 4 All

S4A is my go-to spot when a friend asks me "hey where can I find ____?" when it comes to swimsuits, they've got something for everyone. I love that it's size inclusive and doesn't skimp on style for bigger bodies, case in point: these 6 suits.


The quality of these suits *chef's kiss* I love them so much. I now have a handful of these swimsuits and really love them. They have gorgeous color blocking options, fun patterns, and details like ruffles and ties!


Are y'all tired of me talking about Eloquii yet? I sure hope not because it's my all time favorite place to shop plus size clothing. they just get bigger women, and know that we want more than predictable florals and an all-black outfit. Everytime they have a swimsuit collection drop I rush to the site because I know they're going to knock it out of the park.


I love CoEdition for multiple reasons, but my main reason is that they are one of the biggest marketplaces curated just for curvy women. Everything they carry is with a plus size woman in mind, and that's just amazing. More of this, pleaseee! They rock when it comes to feeling sexy in a bikini. Just check out these 6 fun swimsuits!


If you're looking for the fun, new styles when it comes to swimwear, ASOS is your place. They always have what's on trend: swimsuits, clothing, accessories, shoes, you name it. I also love that they have so many options and you can sort/filter by "body fit" and pick plus size!

Bonus: They've got great menswear too for the man in your life that wants to try a trendier look.

Did you find something you love from my list? I sure hope so, because while making this list I've added juuuuust about all of these suits to my cart!

I can't wait to see you how you rock these suits!


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