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Colorful in Costa Rica

WOW did I have a blast! Not only did I go with wonderful friends and family, but it was such a gorgeous place with the nicest people.

Welcome to the jungle, because they had fun and games! Food, drinks, activities, beach, pool time, what more could a girl ask for on a vacation?!

Beware: this blog post will be very photo heavy because everything caught my eye and I wanted to remember the whole trip down to the details: the plants I saw, what the beach was like, all of it... but photos are the real reason you're here, right?! It was a dream. Take a look for yourself!


We stayed at the beautiful La Mariposa Hotel and loved it! I was in love from the view we saw as soon as we checked in and highly recommend staying there if you end up making the trip to Costa Rica.


When it came to food, you could find just about anything from a typical American menu on the menu here as well. Casado is the dish that Costa Rica is known for: we've got some protein, some salad, and always rice and beans. Best part about the food (and this is coming from a girl who loves food) were the views at each restaurant we went to. Below was my view every morning for breakfast at our hotel, and a girl could get used to that!


Our first day there we went on a hike down to the beach and it was beautiful. People always talk about the journey or the destination... well this was about both and soaking it all up. Not many words could describe the hike we had, so i'll let these pictures each speak a thousand words.

The next day we woke up, had breakfast, and then got in a van to go on our next adventure at the best zip-lining in Costa Rica! Now, this girl has never been zip-lining, but I love a good adventure and this was the best way to see the beautiful rain forest and all the plants, bugs, views, wowza it was stunning. I'm pretty sure I spoiled myself with this experience, not sure another zip-line could be this great or this beautiful! Sadly, we couldn't take our phones with us (probably best since I'm sure we would've slowly dropped our phones one by one by one like they were getting sent home for Willy Wonka's chocolate factory... if only there had been a theatrical performance from dancing Oompa Loompas as they fell). I digress: minimal photos, lots of fun. Enjoy this singular before photo of our group and trust that this is something you have to do if you go spend a few days in Costa Rica.


Before we had to leave, we made sure to have a nice relaxing day poolside at our beautiful hotel, I was able to spend some time chilling with my cousin and cousin-in-law, finished my book, and drank poolside. If that's not the best way to wrap up a vacation, I don't know what is!


And finally: the fashion. It was so fun packing for this trip and deciding what tropic wardrobe I'd wear in Costa Rica and how I can bring even more color to this already vibrant place, and was it even possible! I was convinced that if anyone could brighten up this place, it'd be me!

I've linked the major pieces from each photo so you can shop them if you see something you like! Have fun chicas, and pura vida!

Free People Pretty Dayz Set


Comment or reach out if you have any specific questions I didn't answer here. Stay tuned for the next trip by following me on my Instagram and here on the blog by subscribing so you won't miss an update or post!

xoxo and pura vida,


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