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Pink, White & Red All Over: Valentine's Round Up

Whether you've got a night planned with your significant other or you've got a girls' night coming up, it's always so fun to dress for the theme of Valentine's Day!

When I was growing up, I always had so much fun dressing in reds and pinks the week of Valentine's. My sister and I started doing this with my mom and it's a tradition I keep up ever since, I mean come on, how does this girl stay away from a color themed holiday?!

Because of my love for pinks and reds (in general, but especially) for Valentine's day and during the month of February, I've rallied up my favorite ways to dress up so you can join me on this fun tradition! Even if you just add a pop of color into your classic neutrals, this is a fun way to play with color in a very easy way! This round up is full of statement pieces, date night go-tos, accessories for a vacation fun in the sun, and everywhere in between. No matter what you have planned for this Valentine's Day, I've got you covered.

Each photo is linked to take you directly where you can buy the look!

I *pink* you'll love my picks!



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