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Free Phone Wallpaper Downloads based on Anabeth.jpg Designs

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

My gift to you!

I've been using my pattern designs as my phone wallpaper ever since I created them and now I want to gift them to you. Choose your favorite or grab a few and decide what you like best.

Y'all know I have live and breathed these fun designs over the past few years but I still love them so much. From my Easy Tiger design, to the Swirl Power and everything in between, these prints can bring so much fun life and energy to your space through removable and permanent wallpaper options, and now I want to offer them as phone wallpapers so you can enjoy these fun designs in a whole new way.

I've got three designs ready for you to download and save to your devices and subscribe to my site for updates on when the other three are dropping!

Know a specific print you want to skip ahead to?

Use this list below as a table of contents and skip around to the designs you want!

And coming soon:

  • Pretty Fly

  • Swirl Power

  • Watercolor Outside the Lines

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is the way I'd like to think of "animal print". Not your average cheetah print or zebra stripes, using actual animals allowed me to use bright colors in ways I'm so excited came together. Intentionally vibrant, I wanted these four options for this pattern to be a showstopper.

Tropic Like It's Hot

I love this one so much I have it as a statement wall in my living room... surrounded by as many plants as I can possibly fit. Tropic Like It's Hot is a print that was born out of a necessity for my own space.

Petal to the Metal

I wanted to put a twist on your typical floral pattern and add in some artsy flare. Paired with some stunning colors, and you've got Petal to the Metal!

Can't get enough of these designs? You can get 15% off by shopping my designs on as wallpaper or gift wrap. Be sure to tag me in your stories if you've found a fun new wallpaper from this and how you're using it, it's always so fun to see!

Also be sure to subscribe to my newsletter below for even more updates on designs, daily looks, and more! Let's stay connected and up-to-date on all things color, design, and fun!


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