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Anabeth.jpg x WallSnobs Pattern Wallpaper Designs



I’m so glad I finally get to share with y’all that my latest passion project has come to life! I created pattern designs, partnered with Wall Snobs, and now you can buy your very own Anabeth.jpg designed wallpaper to make your space unique, colorful, and bold!

I’m so pleased to introduce you to my 6 designs (and the multiple colorways they come in)

  • Easy Tiger

  • Petal to the Metal

  • Tropic Like It’s Hot

  • Watercolor Outside the Lines

  • Pretty Fly

  • Swirl Power

So much fun, creative energy was put into each of these designs. Between the design elements, the color schemes, these Anabeth.jpg x WallSnobs designs were thoughtfully created and curated so that you can add a colorfully bold statement to your home to make it feel more "you". I hope you join me in my excitement as these designs have come to life and are now up on the site! Continue on in this blog post to learn a little more about each design:

Petal to the Metal

Introducing the Petal to the Metal pattern. I wanted to put a twist on your typical floral pattern and add in some artsy flare. Paired with some stunning colors, and you've got Petal to the Metal!

Tropic Like It’s Hot

I love this one so much I have it as a statement wall in my living room... surrounded by as many plants as I can possibly fit. Tropic Like It's Hot is a print that was born out of a necessity for my own space. I looked through so many removable wallpaper sites to try to find a unique tropical/leaf pattern and just seemed to find the same kind of stuff, so I made this one! The pops of magenta and orange will serve as such a fun accent color to your space on top of a warm, neutral deep green.

Watercolor Outside the Lines

This pattern is my take on your average linear pattern. As I was creating this pattern, I wanted to make sure to give a "line pattern" option, but put a twist on it with watercolor accents building into a beautiful cool tone color palette, warm tone, and (of course) a rainbow option! Watercolor Outside the Lines is a creative way to add color to your space in these three colorways.

Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is the way I'd like to think of "animal print". Not your average cheetah print or zebra stripes, using actual animals allowed me to use bright colors in ways I'm so excited came together. Intentionally vibrant, I wanted these four options for this pattern to be a showstopper for your home. This playful pattern is such a fun way to add a colorfully bold statement to your space.

Pretty Fly

Pretty Fly is available with 8 colorway options because I just couldn't stop. This has got to be one of my favorite patterns. Being a Texan since birth, my love for the Mexican culture, vibrant patterns, and color schemes has only grown since I was a child. Creating this pattern inspired from the classic Otomi style was one of my dreams, and I'm so happy to see it take flight in this beautiful way.

Swirl Power

If you're ever wondering what my notes look like, it's this. I loved the idea of two-tone free flowing swirls that just continue in their own fluid way in a pattern. Swirls are just such a fun way to add texture to a wall and I think these add a fun, vibrant twist!

Oh and if you've made it this far, I wanted to thank you, because you're my people, and share with you that if you use code ANABETH in checkout you'll get 15% off!

Love you always and thank you for the support you have already shown since I announced this collection on my instagram,

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