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Joe's Grand Proposal


He asked me if I would make him the happiest man in the world, and I’ve been the happiest woman in the world since we met 6 years ago.

New York City has a special place in our hearts since doing long-distance for 2.5 years of our relationship; this is where we “met in the middle” most. This year we wanted to take a weekend trip together back to NYC to get into the holiday spirit because it’s just so magical during Christmas time. I thought we’d do the typical things we love: see the sites, eat pizza, meet new people, hear their stories, make new memories, and smile about the old ones. But Joe had something more in mind.

We started the night out by visiting 30 Rockefeller Plaza (30Rock being one of my favorite shows, we couldn’t NOT go) and seeing the light show there. It was beautiful, and I was already thinking how lucky I am that Joe is my best friend and that we get to have this much fun in our lives, together. From there, we walked over to Grand Central Station, and Joe was sharing some of the history with me about the preservation of the station and how special it is, but it was about to get even more special. As we walked inside and down the steps, I couldn’t have been more thrilled as he got down on one knee in Grand Central Station and proposed. Every single person in the building started cheering and clapping, we couldn’t stop giggling, kissing, and hugging.

Joe, you have been the most supportive, loving, understanding, thoughtful, caring, and all the nicest things I could dream of my partner being. I can’t believe you’re real, and that you’re in my life, and that I get to call you mine. I absolutely cannot wait to begin this next chapter in our lives together, having fun and making even more memories. You’re the most incredible man, the perfect person for me, and my best friend. I adore you and haven’t stopped smiling!


And of course Joe knows how much I would want this moment captured and he did a phenomenal job finding Jonathan, an amazing NY photographer, who captured this special moment for us. Please enjoy more photos from our Grand Central Station engagement:

We're so excited to share more of this fun journey with you in the year to come, so make sure to tune in!

Love always,

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