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5 Easy Ways to Spruce up your Home Office

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I often get asked about how I decorate my space. Whether it's my home or my cube, I want to make sure that both areas are visually appealing and comforting so that I enjoy the time I spend there.

We spend at least 40 hours a week in our cubes and at our desks, so it should feel as cozy as possible to ensure that we like our time there.

I've found 5 groups of items that will instantly spruce up your work space to make it feel like home. Personal touches of your style will make you feel proud of the space you've created. Everywhere from plants to bring freshness and greenery to your desk to framed photos of fun memories to make you smile, and even unique, quirky finds to bring your personality into the mix, it's all here! Check out my picks below for easy ways you can cute up your cubicle!

1. Plants

Plants are such an easy way to truly bring life to your cube! they bring the green and freshness that a stuffy office could be missing!

2. Calendar

Function AND fashion. I always have a calendar at my desk at work to be able to decide on when I need to get things done and set deadlines. These calendars will not only help keep you organized, but also bring in some cuteness!

3. Go For Gold

... or rose gold, silver or bronze. Adding metallics to your space adds some awesome and sleek shine to a normally dull area!

4. Unique Finds

5. Personal Touch

Last but not least, I find it so important to have touches of your personal life at your work desk. Putting the "life" into the work/life balance we all work on! Whether it's a framed photo of someone you love or an old family memory, this subtle reminder of your life after 5:00 PM can help you remember what all this work is for!

Shop some of my favorite photo frames below:

You can explore more desk decor and must-haves at my favorite places to shop to cute up my cube:


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