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Diving into the Blue

One thing I've always dreaded was shopping for jeans. This is supposed to be a staple in your closet, your go-to, so why is it so hard to find something that works for you?!

Either they're too stiff, too stretchy, too big in the waist, too small in the thighs... and then finding quality denim that fit in all the right places? Let's just say everybody and every body has this issue.

Mott and Bow has recently released a curvy section in their jeans department and I'm so thankful they decided to take this route.

Mott and Bow jeans seemed to solve this for me. I got this pair of high rise skinny jeans called The Jane and I'm obsessed. They've got give without being too stretchy. They are form fitting without losing the quality you find happens with other jeans. I just love them and can't wait to add these other two denim washes to my wardrobe:

They're the answer to my denim dilemma and I wanted to share it with you in case you were having similar wardrobe troubles!

Happy shopping, cuties!


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