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My 11 Favorite Feel-Good / Funny Shows You Should Watch During Quarantine

With more time in your home #SocialDistancing, you might find yourself running out of shows to watch, or rewatching your favorites for the 17th time (for me, it's The Office and Parks and Recreation)

While I've definitely watched (and maybe rewatched) Tiger King since we've been in quarantine, I can't help but fall back on some of my feel-good favorites. That's what we need right now, isn't it?

Just because we can't hang out with friends like Candice and Emily like the good old days in this picture (sporting our best animal print, for all you cool cats and kittens out there) doesn't mean you can't fall in love with new characters, new plotlines, and get some giggles in along the way! So instead of scrolling through TikTok or talking about how Carole Baskins knew a bit too much about sardine oil, give these suggestions a try, and let me know what you think!

Check out my 11 favorite feel-good/funny shows that you should watch during quarantine, and how to watch them. Happy binging, you quarantine queens!

P.S. I really hope you appreciate the quarantine-related GIFs from each show that I paired with each suggestion. Enjoy!

1. 30 Rock

You Can Watch On: Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

30 Rock is one of my all-time favorites. Missing workplace interactions? Seeing the behind the scenes of the writers and coworkers at TGS is so entertaining and beyond hilarious. I quote this show all the time and feel a personal connection to Liz Lemon. So if you watch it we can quote it together! Every time I watch I find a new character I love, definitely one of my first recommendations I give people when they want a good comedy to watch next.

2. Schitt's Creek

You Can Watch On: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube TV

Ewww, David: The Coronavirus. But I mean can you even imagine an episode of Schitt's Creek with that plotline?! Y'all, we are living in a TV show plotline right now, I swear. This show is phenomenal. The characters might not seem relatable at first but you'll grow to love everyone in this cute town and find yourself pronouncing "bebe" like Moira in no time.

3. The Good Place

You Can Watch On: Netflix, Hulu, The NBC App

This interesting take on the afterlife will feel so familiar to you as you watch, mainly because it's from creator, writer, and producer Mike Schur of Parks and Rec, Saturday Night Live, and more. So it's got the flavor of some of my other favorites but in such an interesting plot. The final season just wrapped so you can watch it from start to finish while you're stuck inside!

4. New Girl

You Can Watch On: Netflix

New Girl is still one of the few shows that makes me laugh every single episode. Like seriously LOL at some of the things Nick says... or Winston... or Schmidt. Honestly, I instantly felt such a great connection with all of Jess' flatmates (best TV roommates, don't @ me Friends fans.)

5. Arrested Development

You Can Watch On: Netflix, Hulu

My favorite show of all time: there, I said it. OF. ALL. TIME. This show is just so well-written with new jokes you notice any new time you watch the show. So many of my favorite comedians all in one place. This is a show that not enough people watched when it aired in 2003, so it only got 3 seasons. Those are golden. Start with those.

Fun Fact: I want to name my future dog Buster and dress him up in an Army uniform and a hook hand. Don't get the reference? Take this time to watch this show. I promise you'll love the Bluth Family.

6. Gilmore Girls

You Can Watch On: Netflix

Oy with the poodles already! This was one of the first TV Shows I fell in love with. I loved how Amy Sherman-Palladino fit so much quick wit and writing in one episode. Everyone spoke so fast and funny, growing up this was my favorite show, and it totally holds up! Each character you meet has such an amazing personality and depth to them, you'll love this one if you haven't watched it, and if it's one of your favorites too then this might be the perfect time to revisit a favorite show like this! Talk about a comfort blanket, this show is definitely one for me.

7. Veep

You Can Watch On: HBO Now

Politics is about people, and this behind the scenes view from Selena Meyers' team is just about the best thing I've seen when it comes to realness in a TV show. Vulgar and hilarious, what more could you want during quarantine? Like most on the list, you'll notice familiar faces like Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Seinfeld, Tony Hale from Arrested Development, and so many more. Enjoy the shitshow that is Selena Meyers' political career.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

You Can Watch On: Hulu, The NBC App

Another Mike Schur (Parks and Rec, The Good Place, etc.) creation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another great work-place setting that will make you fall in love with your new "co-workers" during quarantine when you can't see yours every day. Major Parks and Rec vibes, if you liked that (which of course you did, how could you not) and you haven't seen the 9-9 yet, then you've got to give this a shot. B99 is still releasing new episodes too!

9. Parenthood

You Can Watch On: Hulu

The Bravermans are a family you'll fall in love with and relate to in such amazing ways. I started watching this series when it first got released but lost track of if and recently rewatched the whole series, start to finish. I love each character so much. If you need a loving, real family drama/comedy right now, this is for you.

If you're missing family time, the Bravermans instantly welcome you into theirs as soon as you start watching, and I can drink to that!

10. The Last Man on Earth

You Can Watch On: Hulu

You'll find yourself feeling like this is so close to home in the situation we're in right now but with so much great humor from SNL alum Will Forte and so many other familiar faces. Last Man on Earth is a light-hearted take on "what if the world was ending." Give it a shot this weekend!

11. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

You Can Watch On: Amazon Prime Video

Set in the late 1950s, this story follows the kickass female in her new passion: stand up comedy. It's worth all the hype and awards it's won. Give this funny show a shot, especially if you like the quick wit of Gilmore Girls, because they were both made from the brilliant brain of Amy Sherman-Palladino.

And just like Mrs. Maisel herself, with a bow and a curtsy, I'm done!

I hope this list helps you find a new favorite storyline in these multi-season gems. Are there shows that you love that I should give a try? Comment below or let me know over on my Instagram.

P.S. Need some new music to listen to during the day? Check out my latest playlist on Spotify. Whether it's through music, blog posts, Instagram stories, or TV show suggestions, I hope that I can bring a smile to your face during this hard time we're going through. Even if it's a small laugh while you're watching these shows, or a calmer day as you listen to this playlist during your next work from home day, that's my goal.

Enjoy listening, friends!


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