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My 44 Favorite Face Masks

Sign of the times, right? I never thought I'd be writing a blog post with my favorite face masks to wear during a global pandemic.. but here we are! Similar to how I think a new workout set can make you feel confident on your next walk or workout, I think a fun, colorful mask can make you feel better about going out (if/when you have to).

I've loved pairing my new colorful masks with the outfits I wear out! Again, not going many places these days to stay safe, but when I do, I always love playing dress up.

So here are my 44 favorite face masks (so cute and most are so affordable!) with direct links to buy them! I keep at least 7-10 clean masks on a hook by my front door (and 2 in my car) to ensure that I stay safe before I leave the house.

Do you have a favorite mask you bought recently? Comment below with where you got it! I'm always looking for new recommendations!

Please stay safe friends,

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