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What I Wore for a Week: WFH Edition

Most of us are finding ourselves stuck at home for hours and days on end. Trust me, I've rocked the messy bun look many times this year. Don't forget the oversized t-shirt, and leggings or sweats. It's hard sometimes in this weird quarantine limbo to find motivation to get up and feel good enough to get dressed up. What? It's not like we're going anywhere farther than a walk around the block anymore.

But here's the thing. When I dress up, even a little bit, I feel better. If I let my hair down and put on face moisturizer and some mascara, I feel like a better version of myself. It's like I tricked myself into thinking that I did enough in a morning routine to feel like myself again. Sometimes I'll go crazy and put on some earrings and a flowy blouse... whoa, Anabeth, cool your jets. But it's the truth! I firmly believe that if you get dressed for the day, you'll feel like you're actually starting your day.

So this week, for 5 days as I worked from home, I challenged myself to dress for the day. So for both my work zoom calls and for myself, I did it!

I partnered with Spanx for this challenge and want to share the outfits I created from their fun collection with you. Check out my Monday through Friday looks below, each photo includes shoppable links for the whole outfit.

Enjoy, cuties!


I started the week off in the most "formal" outfit of the week. Yeah yeah, that sounds silly. But like I said, when I dress up, I feel more put together, and after a weekend in quarantine, I need to trick my mind that I'm "going back to work" and getting back into the swing of things. As weird as it may sound, it worked! These jeggings have the denim feel and look of real jeans, but the comfort of leggings: AKA perfect for working from home!

I love the detailing on the bottom border of these jeggings, totally would trick me into thinking their real jeans if I didn't already know! I paired it with these cute statement earrings, yellow top to brighten my day, and my new favorite blue light glasses to protect my eyes with all of this screen time.


I've talked before about how much I love color, and how I'm obsessed with the psychology and emotions that color can bring. From everything I've learned over the years from having that passion, I've incorporated color into my interior design as well as in my wardrobe.

My cute apartment might be small, but it makes me happy. Anythings from my winky pillow and bright boho floral curtains, to the calming cool blues of the circular art pieces above my couch. I love color, but sometimes it's good to have classic, basics in your wardrobe so you can be efficient with what you pair them with. These Spanx faux leather leggings are just as amazing as everyone says they are. I'm obsessed, and they go with so much!

I paired it with a classic camel color cardigan, this orange mock turtleneck, my favorite gold necklace, and of course my go-to side braid.


No one can see slippers on a Zoom call, right? But they can see a cute headband or statement earrings! This is where you can feel put together as you take a few meetings, just by adding an accessory or two, making sure you don't compromise comfort along the way.

As a graphic designer, I love working with color palettes and seeing what works, and I love doing that with my clothes too! It's so fun to try new palettes and see what works! These Spanx leopard print faux leather leggings are truly so fierce, I loved pairing them with this soft, feminine lavender color top, this braided headband, and of course these comfy slippers so I can walk to the fridge to see if, somehow, someone besides myself filled it with yummy snacks


I've tried to take walks each work day during quarantine. It's been hard to get used to this habit and actually just lace up my shoes and walk out the door. Not only have I been scared to just enter the public world with the news scaring us each day, but also just creating a habit can be hard.

You know what works for me though? Two things:

  1. Treating the habit like it's a work meeting. I put it on my calendar at a time I think I'll need a break. What I've found works for me is taking a walk around lunchtime or at 5pm. This triggers my body to know that the work day has ended and now it's time for my brain to start turning off the work mode. If I put the time on my work calendar and treat it like a meeting, then I feel like I can't miss it. I use a habit I already have (taking my calendar and meetings seriously) to help create a new habit (taking walks to get active).

  2. Another thing that works for me is to plan a cute workout outfit for my "outing." Similar to how I used to put a cute outfit together to go to work, or brunch with my friends, I now put together cute leggings like these Spanx leopard print seamless leggings, workout tank, and white tennies.


TGIF! Fridays, even in quarantine, make me excited for the weekend. having 48 hours of me-time is something I'm not that great at doing when things are normal. I'm traveling, hanging out with friends, or driving to see my family for the weekend. I try to make the most of my time, and as an extrovert, that often means that I fill it with people I enjoy being around. Quarantine has given me the chance to do the home projects I've wanted to do for a while, get back to my crafty side (like painting these lamps), and realize what I need and finding self-care time I never had before.

On friday I decided to wear the party version of a shirt! I absolutely love this pattern top and these Spanx faux leather quilted leggings. Casual Friday has a bit of a glow up, doesn't it?!

And that's my week!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peak into my work days, what habits I've tried to create during this weird time, and a bit about what goes on in my head as I decide what I want to wear that day.

What would you like to see next? Let me know!


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