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Cute & Comfy Loungewear

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Being stuck at home isn't all bad: Now we get to wear the comfiest clothes, and have an excuse to splurge on that cute new PJ set we've had our eyes on. What?! I wear them all day now!

As you know by now, I love dressing in fun colors and patterns. I think it has an impact on our mood in a positive way. COVID-19 and all the is affected by it can be such a bummer if we think enough about it, so why not do the small things that can boost your mood and make you smile?! For instance, this fun printed robe from Printfresh just instantly makes me happy with the tropical vibes and fun colors!

Whether you've got a virtual meeting coming up that you want to make sure you look professional in (but don't want to skimp on the comfort) or you just want to live your best quarantine life in your new favorite pajamas and robe, I've got you covered! Checkout my massive selection of favorite robes, kimonos, easy dresses, pajamas, tops, pants, and jumpsuits ready for anything your home-bound day might have in store. Plus, stick around till the end for bonus favorites.

Robes & Kimonos

This has been my quarantine uniform, y'all. I live in fun printed robes and kimonos (just see above photo for proof.) Join me in twinning in this perfect, comfy staple that'll make you feel so chic!

Easy Dresses

On back-to-back zoom calls today? Throw on one of these easy, comfy dresses and pair with gold hoops or some fun earrings and people will think you dressed up for the call! I've been known to call dresses basically an excuse to wear long t-shirts... and I stand by that. Dresses are the comfiest thing I can think to wear and so easy to throw on, grab a fun face mask, and you can go run those quick errands too!


On the flip side, there might be days that you don't have any zoom calls and just want to be super comfy, or maybe it's the weekend and you've had a long week and want some pretty pajamas, here are some of my favorites!


Sometimes all you need is a polished, simple top for a zoom call or video chat to feel put together, and these are so comfy that you'll want to keep them on all day!


Sometimes it feels best to surround yourself in soft silk, and just feel sexy! Checkout my favorites below:

Pants & Jumpsuits

I can't tell you how much a fun pair of pants or a jumpsuit can really make my day better. These have great detailing and/or a fun print and don't skimp on the comfort level! I love them all so much, check them out below:

BONUS: Favorite Candles

And what's a comfy home without a candle burning? Answer: nothing. Candles are everything and I wanted to make sure I wrapped this up by sharing my favorite year-round candles... though I might have to share my favorite Fall scents with you in another blog post, so stay tuned!

What caught your eye? What do you like to lounge in when you're home, relaxing or working? We're in such a weird time with COVID-19 that the safest place to be is home, so we might as well make it enjoyable and comfy!

Let me know if there's something in particular that you'd like to see from me next on my Instagram or elsewhere.

Talk soon, babes!


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